Ricomposizione di una tomba con vasi di bucchero da Chiusi

Giulio Paolucci

pp. 157-172, Fig. 1, Tavv. 10

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The tomb Lucioli was discovered by chance in Chiusi, in the necropolis of Colle, in 1839. The tomb contained a hundred of bucchero vases with stamped decoration dispersed just after the discovery.
This study, based on investigations carried out in archives and museum storerooms, proposes a reconstruction of the grave-goods. The grave furniture reveals that it was the tomb of a woman and a high-ranking personality. Related to the ideology of the banquet are the bucchero vases, both the large containers for liquids and small pouring aases. The group of objects as a whole date from the first decades of the second half of the 6th century B.C.

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