Questa Affrica mi dà sempre cose nuove: le epistole di Carlo Danio a Matteo Egizio sulle antichità grumentine (1700-1729)

Alfredo Buonopane;Myriam Pilutti Namer

pp. 147-155, Figg. 2

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This essay examines the letters sent by Carlo Danio, archpriest of Saponara and antiquarian, to Matteo Egizio, an important 18thcentury Neapolitan scholar. These letters deal with the antiquities found in the Roman town of Grumentum: coins, some statues and especially inscriptions. They represent the only source to reconstruct the 18th century’s view of the antiquities of Grumentum, and shed light on the methods and practices whereby scholars discovered and exchanged antiquities, an aspect which has rarely been investigated in modern research.