Contributo alla cartografia storica di Aquileia

Ludovico Rebaudo

pp. 137-158, Figg. 8, Tavv. 6

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Views and maps of Aquileia are known from the late Seventeenth century. These are important evidences for historical topography of the town, but not a few inaccurate or wrong data, sometimes seriously misleading, circulate in the scholarship, even up-to-date. This paper retraces the story of Aquileia’s oldest azimuthal map, usually dated around 1740 and attributed to the canon and antiquarian Giandomenico Bertoli (1676-1763). Author’s analysis of the surviving copies demostrated it was actually designed before 1727 by Giovanni Antonio Gironcoli (1670-1729), an amateur mathematician and surveyor who served as mansionario (a sort of deacon) in the patriarchal church of Aquileia. Bertoli’s intervention, not later than 1746, consisted probably in some topographic and toponomastic improvements and in a consistent upgrade of the archaeological records.

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