Wall paintings of the Herodian Period - Circulation and Meaning

Asher Ovadiah

pp. 31-35, Fig. 1, Tavv. 20

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The wall paintings of the Herodian period (37 BCE-70 CE) were mainly discovered in the Judaean region: Jerusalem (Jewish Quarter and House of Caiaphas on Mt. Zion), Masada, Herodion, Jericho and Cypros; some more were found in Samaria-Sebaste, Yodfat and Sepphoris in Lower Galilee and Omrit in Upper Galilee. They decorated palaces, residential units of fortresses-palaces, private houses and a burial cave. The decorative repertoire includes geometric, vegetal and architectural motifs. The figural motifs are very few and limited only to the depiction of birds. […]

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