Una testimonianza del culto mitriaco a Colle Arsiccio di Magione (PG)

Flavia Morandini

pp. 77-91, Fig. 1, Tavv. 12

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In 1934, at Colle Arsiccio (Magione), near lake Trasimeno, a votive deposit was found. It is made up of bronzes and terracottas, dating from the VI century b.C. to the Constantinian age. The terracottas can be divided into two groups: the “naked” ones, that represent typologies of the Hellenistic age (swaddling babies, crouching children, kourotrophoi) and the glazed ones. The latter are products of the Imperial age, connected with a Mithraic worship (pinax with scene of tauroctony, ‘foculi”, glassware with snakes, votive statues), which incorporates the Hellenistic cult, devoted to Artumes. The Mithraeum of Colle Arsiccio settles in a thick system of Mithraic places, appeared during Roman age, in the hearth of central Italy […]

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