Una statua di Artemide a Montebelluna (TV)

Annamaria Larese;Luigi Sperti

pp. 87-97, Figg. 2, Tavv. 3

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In 2009 a marble statue of Artemis/Diana was unearthed near Montebelluna (Treviso, northern Italy) in a field where scattered remains of a Roman villa were found. The statue is 1.30 m high. The head and left arm are worked in separate pieces, and the marble is supposed to be from a Greek source, possibly the island of Paros. The goddess is represented standing, holding a spear in her left hand, and an animal skin in the right one. The type is very close to an Artemis represented in two candelabra bases in Rome, attributed to the last decades of the Republican period. In spite of the poor state of conservation, the rendering of the drapery shows uncommon workmanship. The statue is probably a work of a Greek sculptor. According to the coiffure and the style can be attributed to the early Augustan age. The archaeological context is poorly documented. The sculpture might have been displayed in the garden of a villa rustica, as shown by similar examples from Pompeji and other sites.

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