Teseidi. Osservazioni (e divagazioni) su un graffito vascolare greco

Adriano Maggiani

pp. 23-35, Figg. 6, Tavv. 2

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The discovery of a Greek inscription, incised before the glazing and the firing on a pelike by the Berlin Painter in Florence is here presented and discussed.
Among the five words constituting the text, three are typical of the poetic language. Therefore the inscription is not to be intended as a message of the normal conversation nor of commercial communication. The rarity of such an epigraphy must promote necessarily a series of reflections about its form and typology; but many of them are destined to remain pure suggestions, e.g. the idea of its connection with the deeds of Theseus painted over it. Due to the ambiguities of the new inscription, it can’t be used to give light to the problem of the ancient "Theseids" recorded by Aristotle.

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