Pavimenti in opus sectile dall'Insula 104 a Hierapolis di Frigia

Daniela Cottica

pp. 89-106, Figg. 5, Tavv. 3

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Excavations carried out by the ltalian Archaeological Mission at Hierapolis (MAIER) at the site of lnsula 104 have brought to light a series of well-appointed town houses. Some of the uncovered rooms yielded marble floors of the socalled "small patterned geometric opus sectile" type. OnIy a few of the known examples of this group belong to private buildings, while the majority of the published sectilia comes from Churches and Christian Basilicas in the eastern Mediterranean. Therefore, the four sectilia analysed in this present paper represent a significant contribution towards a better understanding of the distribution of this type of floor, bringing fresh archaeological evidence on the connections between the appearance of a new taste in public and private ornamentation and the emerging Christian Ieadership.

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