Nachlese an Phrygischen Fundplätzen

Jutta Börker-Klähn

pp. 35-69, Figg. 56, Tavv. 8

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Revisiting find-spots of the Phrygian Highlands an open eye may observe a quantity of unknown details. - Primarily, interest should be concentrated on misleading identifications of so-called prehistoric materials: there is less Hittite evidence than believed, and Byzantine ceramics seem to have been mistaken for chalcolithic-ones. - On the other hand, a quantity of information about Kybele’s pre-classic cult can be found e. g. places of rainwater libation practice. Its integration and the veneration of idols point to a sun-bound belief in resurrection. This question would be worth afield project. The longer Old-Phrygian inscriptions such as the Areyastis-one became clearer, and uncertainties about the date of monuments like the Pyramide Grave can be diminuished by comparison with Gordion materials. Kybele’s mountain sign survives in Christianity. - Finally, there is an unregistered find-spot yielding a side-view on Byzantine house-holds. - The destruction of monuments by dynamite increases from year to year.