Monumenti funerari ellenistici a Tuscania. Considerazioni su due sculture del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze

Claudia Noferi

pp. 59-67, Figg. 2, Tavv. 2

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The statues described in this dissertation are part of a group of archaeological findings coming from Tuscania (Viterbo), stored in the National Archaeological Museum of Florence. At the end of 19 th - early 20 th century they were bought by L. A. Milani, to increase the ‘Tuscania’ section, inside the Topographical Museum of Etruria. After the flood on November 4th, 1966, which heavily damaged the museum and its collections, these sculptures were cleaned, restored and moved into the depository of Villa Corsini, where they are currently preserved. The work introduces the results of archive researches with news about the original contexts. Informations from the correspondence between L. A. Milani and G. Cerasa, Honorary Inspector of Monuments and Excavations for ‘Toscanella’ (modern Tuscania), Arlena and Cellere concern the acquisition of several groups of artefacts coming from Tuscania’s area. Based on new data, the text proposes a study of the statues, with the analysis of varied and complex problems related to the presence of these particular types of funerary sculptures in Tuscania’s cultural area.

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