L'insediamento post-antico nel territorio del comune di Formigine

Alessandra Cianciosi

pp. 155-168, Figg. 6

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The following article regards the study of medieval settlements in Formigine, a small town in the south-west of Modena. During September 2002 a survey has been carried out to collect data about development of rural settlement through-out the Middle Ages. Anyway all data about other ages have been taken into consideration, as there have been discovered a lot of finds dated to Bronze Age and to Roman Age. The study of medieval settlements, above aII between Vl and XI century, is very difficult because there are few chronological markers; moreover many years of ploughing and the growing spread of vineyards and woods keep from a high visibility. Therefore we have to read the results of this research considering those limits.
The settlement results very rarefied until XIV century; then we see a gradual recovery between XIV and XVIII century. This conclusion becomes part of the general development of medieval settlement in Modena's plain.

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