La cultura artistica a Verona: le testimonianze pittoriche di alcune domus

Emanuela Murgia

pp. 37-49, Figg. 6, Tavv. 5

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Scope of this contribution is the study of walls' decoration of four houses in Verona, built between the second half of the 1st century B.C. and the early imperial age. We're talking about the domus in piazza Vescovado, via Garibaldi 2, via san Cosimo 3 and vicolo Rensi 2/a. The research has focused its attention on the pictorial aspects, architectural and spatial problems, social matters, and has been enriched with the data coming from the archeometric analisys. The evidences examined have proved how the pictorial production in Verona is strictly linked with the one from central ltaly, finding out significant comparisons either for the decorative elements, or for the chromatic selections, according to a reception pattern already used in many cities of the Cisalpina area.

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