Il cippo di Barberino e alcune note sulla cronologia delle 'pietre fiesolane'

Luca Cappuccini

pp. 23-40, Figg. 9, Tavv. 5

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About fifty years ago a sandstone cippo was found in Mugello valley, along the Sieve River. Today the stone is exposed in the Museo Archeologico Comprensoriale del Mugello e della Val di Sieve at Dicomano (FI). Even if the permanence in the river damaged its surface, it was possible to perform a detailed graphic and photographic documentation of its bas-reliefs. Analysis and considerations on the decorative apparatus and on its original appearance refer the artefact to the beginning of the archaic period, among the oldest evidences of Etruscan sculpture in the Fiesole’s territory. A reconstruction of the main frieze and its stylistic details revealed connections with some contemporary sculptures of the Chiusi area. After all, we can compare the cippus with other monuments recently discovered and suggest some hypotheses on the development of these funerary markers. A comparative study leads to consider the stone of Barberino as the incunabulum of the whole series.

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