Fibule antiche dalla Cilicia costiera

Maurizio Buora;Ergün Lafit

pp. 37-46, Figg. 5, Tavv. 4

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The paper presents 19 pre-Roman and 9 Roman flbulae from the region of Cilicia, currently in the collections of the museums of Mersin, Silfke, Alanya and Tarsus. Half these fibulae dates to the Iron age, from the middle/end of the 8th cent. to the middle/end of 7th cent. B.C. They are evidence for links between Cilicia and its hinterland (Gordion in particular), and also with Cyprus. For the Roman period, the situation already apparent at Gaziantep is confirmed. The earliest Roman flbulae are of the Alesia and Aucissa types and the latest (5 examples) come from a period running from the Tetrarchy to the early 5th cent. A.D. It is possible that their presence reflects the movements of the Roman Army. A brooch of Keller Type 6 seems to be a parallel for a gold fibula kept in Split Museum. […]