Due incensieri di bucchero dal tumulo di Montefiorini a Comeana (Fi)

Maria Chiara Bettini

pp. 31-44, Figg. 3, Tavv. 4

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In the Montefortini tholos in Comeana (Carmignano, PO) were found two refined ‘incense burners’ which are cha­racterised by their ornate fretwork decoration. Similarities with the ‘incense burner’ from the nearby Artimino Pra­to Rosello necropolis can be found in their general structure and in some of the details of the production technique, which have probably been taken from the assembly techniques used for ivory objects. The influence of ivory production can also be seen in their decoration, with motifs which are typical of the orientalizing period. These objects, like the Prato Rosello ‘incense burner’, are probably among the best examples of the bucchero production in northern Etruria, which were realized by skilled and versatile craftsmen who were open to several cultural influences.