Aux origines des manifestations symboliques dans l'Europe de sud-est: art mobilier au Paléolithique supérieur en Roumaine

Corneliu Beldiman;Diana-Maria Sztancs

pp. 5-21, Figg. 4, Tavv. 14

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Recent approaches on ancient artifacts collections and very recent discoveries enable a detailed discussion (repertory, typology, technology, radíocarbon dates etc.) on the relative rare evidence of portable art – decorated and so called non utilitarian objects – ín the Romanian Upper Paleolithíc (Aurignacian and Eastern Gravettian, about 30-13 kya BP).
The artifacts were discovered in 10 open air and cave sites especially from Moldavia and Transylvania. Most of the pieces (15) are attributed to the Eastern Gravettian and 4 belong to the Aurignacian. […]