A proposito del tempio di Bona Dea a Trieste: alcune considerazioni topografiche e rituali

Federica Fontana

pp. 105-113, Figg. 3, Tav. 1

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The topography of the roman city of tergeste is still quite unknown and the area of the temple dedicated to Bona dea, along the actual Corso Italia, Via Santa Caterina and Via S. Lazzaro, is the only one investigated. Bona dea was an object of public worship since the first development of the city plan, in the mid- first century B.C. The sacred area is located out of the ancient city, though immediately behind, and in a sort of topographical continuity with it. The nature of such a location may as well be not accidental. Moreover, a few aspects of the ritual, which are linked to the sacrifice of a pregnant sow, would lead us to suppose that a kitchen and a banquet hall were located inside the temple, as evidenced for example in ostia.