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Frequency: 1 issue/year | ISSN: 0392-0895 I E-ISSN: 2284-4546

Rivista di Archeologia(RdA), founded in 1970, is an international widely distributed peer-reviewed archaeological journal. RdA reaches more than 30 countries and approximately 300 universities, learned societies, departments of antiquities, and museums. Areas of interest include the art and archaeology of Mediterranean world and the ancient Europe, including the Near East, from prehistoric to Late Antique times. Rda is published yearly in September, in print and electronic formats subscription and non-subscription access options. The Journal evaluates manuscripts through a double-blind peer review process. Every issue includes new scholarly work as well as a book reviews section, which provides a critical overview of new publications by emerging and established scholars.

The current Editor-in-Chief is Sauro Gelichi.


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