Observations about a New Book on Praxiteles

Antonio Corso

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The aim of this article is to give a detailed survey of the catalogue of the exhibition on Praxiteles which has been held in the Louvre. The suggestions of the authors of the catalogue concerning the life and works of the late-classical, Athenian sculptor are analyzed. The articles of the catalogue concerning the Cnidian Aphrodite, the Praxitelean Satyrs, the Apollo Sauroctonus and the fortune of the master in later periods are the focus of a lengthy consideration. The conclusion of this article is that the two editors of the volume go too far in their thought that most of the creations until now attributed to Praxiteles are in fact Roman, classicistic works. On the contrary, there is evidence which favours the consideration of several of these sculptural types as derived from works of the great master. […]



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